When you find a duck…

Sheesh! What a crazy day it has been for us! Crazy week more like it… We are a household that thrives on routine and this week has been off the rails! All in a good way though :). Summer break has begun and to be honest, I don’t think Aaron would have survived one more day of school. The poor kid was done! Not only has summer break begun but my mother in law is up from Knoxville for the week. We always love having her up, it fills my heart seeing Aaron so happy that he has his Lola to hug every morning.

Today started like most week days, with a trip to the gym. This is one routine I hope we never drop! I get to workout and Aaron has a blast in the child center with his friends. Today was a bit different though! As we were walking into the gym we came across the sweetest little duckling. He was wandering between tires in the huge parking lot all alone. We looked around for his mom but she was no where in sight :(. We shoo’d the little guy into the grass but he kept following us back into the parking lot. I ended up putting the duck in the back of my car and heading into the gym. I can’t say this was one of my brightest moments but I really wanted to go to my class and Aaron was freaked out about the duck getting hit. (In my defense, it was a very rainy 65 degree morning so he was totally fine hanging out in the back of my Jeep for an hour).

After class we circled the gym a couple of times looking for momma duck with no luck (ha! I rhyme). On our way home we came across a huge turtle in the road. Of course Aaron had just read how we should help turtles across the road so we had to help… This happened to be a massive snapper too!  Thankfully he was even crankier than I expected and easily snapped onto the umbrella I was using to try and shoo him across the road which allowed me to pretty much just drag him.  ugh! Those things are so gross.   We finally got home and Aaron googled what to feed a duckling while we waiting for the wildlife rescue lady to call us back.   We learned not to put the duck in water because brand new ducklings can’t quite swim yet, feed them small fruits and leaf veggies and of course not to feed them bread. They also needed to be kept warm. We took turns cuddling the little guy on our chests where he would fall fast asleep :). We also learned that it is OK to pickup a duckling if they are hurt or you feel they are orphaned, ducks do not care if their babies smell like humans like birds or bunnies do.

This little guy is now safe in the hands of a professional at a duck rehab and will be released when he is a bit bigger.

I felt terrible removing him from the area he was in but turns out,  I did the right thing! Woohoo! It was an interesting day and I am thankful that my little guy had this learning experience.

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